Saturday, February 16, 2013

"13" A Great Number Of Blessings

It's our 13th Year Anniversary of Marriage this year, 14th February to be precise. After my hubby and I had our dinner at the Chinese Restaurant at the 57th Floor of 63 City (dinner iPhone pictures to follow) we snapped for a few pictures and played around with lights and our new joy, Lensbaby. Actually, more of my joy! I am having so much fun with this lens and I am determined to excel on this. I just love how my husband captures pictures of me the way I wanted it to be, soft, blur,distorted...just like a painting. Thank you so much my honeybug, for all your love and support. Happy 13th Anniversary!


  1. Beautiful! These are stunning. Well done both of you!

    1. Thanks a lot, friend! I feel honored and that the comment is from you.